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Comic 233 – “Totoro Mixing”

Errol: This was paraphrased from a discussion I had with Erik. This is how Debs and I mix. She points out everything… I add in something unneeded.

Debs has a very good ear. She can hear things I can’t hear at all. Erik does too. I have no idea where these clicks and whirrs are that they are all hearing, but they hear it, and they take it out.

Me? I usually say, “SOUNDS GREAT!”

Poor Debs, having to put up with me. The only reason that this CD will be any good is because of her. No wonder she left me. 😀

9 Responses to Comic 233 – “Totoro Mixing”

  1. Just so everyone knows — the thunder has been added.

    (.. and the timing was adjusted, the ambient noise was removed, the mains cut through clearly, Errol was pitch-corrected, and the clicks and coughs were removed.)