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Comic 236 – “Abandonment”

James P Sheridan: Poor Errol. His ever expanding list of projects must have grown so big that it shattered the space-time continuum, forming a Nexus of Creativity that has literally consumed him, thus explaining his absence. Of course I can only assume that Debs by mere association was also pulled into this creative nexus, never to be heard from again either. So I take back my “poor Errol” and instead sympathize with poor Debs. May she never be forgotten.

Stay Stalwart fans, Manda and The Bald Guy will hold the fort for now and keep the ever amusing adventures of Debs and Errol going for —

eh? Oh, they haven’t been pulled into this nexus Errol has created, and are just busy with their album?

Dang it…

Whitless: For those of you who might have been wondering lately “Hey, who IS that frizzy haired weirdo standing next to Errol and that bald guy with Debs?”, well you’re about to get to know us more while Errol and Debs circle around a black hole of doom over the next little while.  Exciting!…right?!

Taking over a comic is hard, especially when you do none of the drawing or writing for it or even met the people you’re standing in the comic with.  For instance I will probably have to deal with the backlash of Debs and Errol fans who expect Debs and Errol to be in their own comic.  Except now they get a frizzy-haired weirdo who is nerdy but doesn’t write nerdy music nor is really particularly interesting in the slightest.  I’m waiting for Errol to figure that out.  He hasn’t yet, or he’s just in denial.  Which is okay with me, because accidently taking over a comic is lots of fun so far.

Taking over a blurb is a bit harder, because I actually have to write that and have to try and be charismatic and witty.  And I call myself Whitless for a reason…which is to say I’m not very witty…see what I did there?!  LAUGH DAMN YOU!…it’s going to be a long week…

14 Responses to Comic 236 – “Abandonment”

  1. It’s crazy how I’ve never met most of the people in this comic and I totally adore them all!

    Except Errol. Adore him? Not so much.

  2. To be honest, I’m not expecting Errol to return to regular morning updates until the first of March at the earliest (what with his involvement in FAWM and all)…

    Oh well, I’ve grown used to checking the RSS feed (and occasionally refreshing the page in case the RSS hasn’t updated yet)