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Comic 237 – “Takeover”


Whitless: Anyone who works with me knows that this isn’t really far from the truth at all.  When it comes to my creative projects, I’m more than a little prone to panicky freak-outs.  You’d think this would deter people from working with me again, but it only seems to make them want to throw even more projects my way.  Projects that are out of my comfort zone and involve singing or dancing or extremely dramatic acting or writing a comic for an artist who is too busy sulking.  I’m starting to think that people are enjoying my freak-outs than they are the actual work I do.

It’s probably a good thing that people like Errol shove me in front of a camera or put my comic script online every once in a while, because if it were up to me most of what I do would be locked up tight never to see the light of day, at least until I died and a family member discovered my unpublished novel and I become a posthumous superstar.  One can dream.

Until then, I will continue panicking over new projects and what people will think.  In fact, I’m freaking out right now because when Errol said “Hey, write a script for the comic” I didn’t think he’d actually use it.  It’s my first comic script, please be kind.

James P Sheridan: I am not sure why Manda is panicking, despite her protests that she isn’t funny, she manages to not only keep up with Errol, but genuinely make me laugh with each video she does. My only concern is that we both seem to be straightmen to Errol’s insanity, so we can’t both play our usual role. One of us will have to be absurd and ridiculous.

Ok, now I am starting to see cause for panic…where’s my alcohol!?

6 Responses to Comic 237 – “Takeover”

  1. Just remember guys, once February is over, you can seek your revenge upon him- and you could always discuss in comic what to do to him once the month is over- waxing his legs for example *wink*

  2. If Errol isn’t better, we may need to repost this comic for the 2013-02-26.

    So it occurred to me the other day to wonder if using the full Ja-Mez’s fuller name of James P. Sheridan earlier on was actually inspired in Errol’s mind because of the similarity of names with James P. Sullivan (Sulley) from the Monster’s Inc movies.