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[Videos] Update – Christmas and BTTF Review

I should have posted these, but Christmas was busy.

Anway, back in the day, Debs and I were talking about doing a Christmas song. We had a few things planned, a few suggestion on our FB page. But in the end, we didn’t get anything done.

I didn’t worry about it too much, but I’ve always wanted to do a 12 Days of Geek Christmas, but Debs wasn’t available. I was going to give up on the thought, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the song, so I went ahead and started writing it. And then I realized I could ask Manda, or Whitless.

Manda is an actress, and very geeky. She writes letters to video game characters and calls then Whitless Letters. Does she know me well? No. But that didn’t keep me from stalking her and asking her to be in a vid.

And she acquiesced! Huzzah!



Next up is a video of a Movie Review: Debs and I review “Back to the Future“! Why? Because I need to do some tutorial on how to use Premier and After Effects (this is for my work). The students task is to do a review, either of a movie, or a book, or a recipe, whatever. And so I once again asked Debs to do this for me, and I had to book 2 weeks in advance, but I was able to slot in a time! HUZZAH!

Now, I could have done proper cutting, and cutting out all the dead space, but I didn’t. That’s why this review is almost 15 minutes long! However, if you want to see Debs and Errol uncut, this is the best it will be outside of an actual gig we do. You can tell both of us act quite ADD in the whole thing.

She also gave me my Christmas Present. It was awesome!


2 Responses to [Videos] Update – Christmas and BTTF Review

  1. You know what – I just had a dream that Debbie Ohi called and asked me if I knew what color Padme’s pants were in the Phantom Menace to see how much of a geek I was. Secretly, she was video recording my response. I guessed purple and apparently, in my dream, I was right. I was in a library. And then I remembered that I was skipping a class and I had an exam coming up and I had missed every class…. it was a class about constipation.
    It was a really bad nightmare….

    • You, my dear, are whacked.

      BTW, I no longer have dreams of missing classes, or exams. Took about 20 years for those to stop. I hope.