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Comic 212 – “Debs Two”

Errol: Yay! Manda is back! We wanted to put this bit in our video, me constantly calling her Debs. I forgot to do it. Mind you, I don’t say her name much.

5 Responses to Comic 212 – “Debs Two”

  1. Hilarious! i love it. Hey, Errol: May I also call Manda Debs? After all, it is Debs and Errol!

      • Don’t worry Manda, I won’t make you do that. That would mean I’d have to change the shirts, the website, everything, to Manda & Errol. 😀

      • Or alternatively, you could go with the popular option- and change it all to Debs, Manda and Alina (with their semi-tame pet artist).