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Comic 239 – “Incognito”

James P Sheridan: Angry Debs makes Bald Guy sad. 🙁

Whitless: I’m sure I’m in this comic somewhere…maybe I’m in the fetal position on the ground speaking in tongues, because I dislike confrontation!  Why can’t we all just get along and play some Monopoly?  That cures any fight!  And starts twenty more, but still!  It’s a start!

I wonder what a show involving Debs’s mom and I would be like.  I like to think we would be a smash hit in Japan.  Did you know that rural Ontario theatre is a smash hit in Japan?  That’s my attempt to tangent and your fun fact of the day!  That wasn’t so hard.  I could totally tangent as well as Errol with practice.

Alina: Oh, I know what we can do to help Debs and Errol during FAWM:
First, we can have a singing comic. Debs always told me I suck at singing, so now, here’s my chance, to sing…behind her back.

Next, we shall have a comic featuring my summoning powers. I will summon both James and Erik to pose beside me.

Then, it will be about Manda’s love for “Wheatley”. and “Wheatley’s” love for Manda. The Darkness will send her a Fan who believes that she is the tastiest cereal on earth. So a giant pacman thinggie will eat Manda on the next comic. See, we’ve got it covered!

10 Responses to Comic 239 – “Incognito”

  1. I have to say, you guys cracked me up with this one- I didn’t realise you could make such a perFAWMance of it…