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Comic 239 – “Incognito”

James P Sheridan: Angry Debs makes Bald Guy sad. 🙁

Whitless: I’m sure I’m in this comic somewhere…maybe I’m in the fetal position on the ground speaking in tongues, because I dislike confrontation!  Why can’t we all just get along and play some Monopoly?  That cures any fight!  And starts twenty more, but still!  It’s a start!

I wonder what a show involving Debs’s mom and I would be like.  I like to think we would be a smash hit in Japan.  Did you know that rural Ontario theatre is a smash hit in Japan?  That’s my attempt to tangent and your fun fact of the day!  That wasn’t so hard.  I could totally tangent as well as Errol with practice.

Alina: Oh, I know what we can do to help Debs and Errol during FAWM:
First, we can have a singing comic. Debs always told me I suck at singing, so now, here’s my chance, to sing…behind her back.

Next, we shall have a comic featuring my summoning powers. I will summon both James and Erik to pose beside me.

Then, it will be about Manda’s love for “Wheatley”. and “Wheatley’s” love for Manda. The Darkness will send her a Fan who believes that she is the tastiest cereal on earth. So a giant pacman thinggie will eat Manda on the next comic. See, we’ve got it covered!

10 Responses to Comic 239 – “Incognito”

  1. I have to say, you guys cracked me up with this one- I didn’t realise you could make such a perFAWMance of it…

  2. Wait till Debs finds out that Errol and The Video Ninja have just been lazing around watching movies for the past three days.

    Errol is SOOOO in trouble. *evil snicker*