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Comic 238 – “Gameface”

James P Sheridan: Oh yay I get to be in a comic with Alina, I love Debs mom! This should be fun while poor Manda has her melt-down. I can’t believe that Errol makes me the rational one in these. 😛

Wait why can’t Alina look hot beside me?! 🙁


Whitless: If Wheatley were there, the comic would totally be saved.  He would swoop in and make with the funny and be wonderfully British.  Actually, I think if Errol were a Portal game character, he would be Wheatley, what with the talking and tangents and **SPOILER ALERT**  the fact that if he were to take over the facility the test chambers would be a horrifying mish mash of randomness.


Debs can be Glados: intelligent, witty and bent on destroying all who cross her path!…okay, I have yet to actually meet Debs in person, so some of that may be speculation.

10 Responses to Comic 238 – “Gameface”

  1. @ the mouseover- I don’t believe it for a moment.

    There’s only one thing for it- continuous FAWM puns- now just sign these FAWMs in triplicate.