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Comic 241 – “Confrontation”

Errol: HUZZAH! I’m back in the comics! Sadly, I had a whole HOST of ideas for Alina, James P Sheridan, and Manda, but Debs and I need to make up because we’re so close to finishing the mixing that we have to be ready to pop that comic up. 😀

Oh well.

Alina: I am starting to feel sorry for Manda. I’m picking up Manda with my shovel – she’s still stuck in a fetal position on the floor -and taking her to the corner to busk. My busk is going to be, starting a Streetside Support Group for people who are stuck in a fetal position. The good public of Toronto shall deposit coins into my bucket. Manda gets to avoid Bald Guy and Errol and Debs. Mercenary Pen travels to see the marvel. And Erik comes to pose beside me. Then we all win!!!

4 Responses to Comic 241 – “Confrontation”

  1. Thanks for keeping us infawmed Errol- and some of Alina’s ideas are- far want of a better word- interesting, or maybe surreal would be better…

  2. Hooray! No more writing blurbs in covertly in my office! Although I will miss my fetal position…it was so comfy…I agree with Alina, I should busker that…

  3. This is actually quite heart-warming. In real life, you weren’t actually fighting, right?