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Comic 242 – “Work Complete!”


Errol: HUZZAH! 😀

Debs:  You’ll notice that Erik and I both have intense eyebags in this comic.  This was not fabricated.  Sleep has basically turned completely upside down and backwards for us in the last week or so.  We finished on Sunday just before 5:00pm.  Erik went off to a Superbowl party while I just sat on the couch in a daze.  Then Deej and I watched Lord of the Rings.  You might be wondering why Errol looks fresh and perky.  The reason is that I tend to be able to focus on specific things in tracks (read: I am a perfectionist), while he’s really good with overall stuff (he is not picky AT ALL).  As we got closer to finishing, it was the detailed things we were really focused on so he didn’t marathon with us.  

A friend of ours asked me how our mixing process has worked, given the fact that we’re doing it long distance.  I think this would be great to do it’s own blog post about, but I did send him a screenshot of how communication’s been happening, since he was curious.  Crazy, no?


Errol: Hey man, I can be picky. I have an inability to hear different tracks singled out like you do. You have an inability to hear the song as a whole.

15 Responses to Comic 242 – “Work Complete!”

  1. The way Debs and Erik hit the floor, someone might think you knocked them out with Chlorofawm…