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Comic 243 – “Door Thud”

Errol: That’s our Alina. Always looking out for me. I think. I don’t really know, actually. I hope someone is.

Debs: My mom was confused as to why Errol was confused when she commented yesterday that she felt sorry for him.  Turned out that she thought the ‘thud’ yesterday was a door being slammed in Errol’s face when it was really Erik and I sleepfalling to the floor.  She hasn’t watched enough Batman.


6 Responses to Comic 243 – “Door Thud”

      • @Erik, ACTUALLY, have you seen “Can’t Buy Me Love”? He spent a lot of money to stand by someone hot in order to be considered hot too…. and everything in Hollywood is true. Wow, how old am I? It’s gonna kill me when Debs says, “What movie is that? I haven’t seen it. I think I was two when it came out…”

    • Alina just wants to STAND by him because she thinks it will increase her hotness ratio. I wonder if it’s like when people stand beside me because they know in comparison… they’ll be much, much hotter.