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Comic 251 – “Language”

Errol: Yes, I know, people will comment on how ‘ding’ is some sort of naughty euphemism (“My ding-a-ling!”).

However, this is basically true. I was at Manda’s place and trying to find something to pick up a pizza, and I yelled out, “Hey! You got anything to pick up the ding?”

And she responds, “There’s an oven mitt in the drawer” or something like that. This girl is a quick learner. She’s been given a crash course in Errol for the last two months, and so far has survived swimmingly.

Poor girl.

Whitless: Holy crap, it’s only been two months?!…sometimes it feels like two years.  Discerning between the various “dings” Errol is referring is a fine art, and if you’re friends with Errol you don’t really get a choice in learning it.  I think he would make an interesting anthropological study.

And yes, Errol has his own glass that he uses at my place.  It’s blue and has stars and moons and he refuses to drink out of any other glass I own.  It’s from my university days and was the first glass I owned for myself.  Special!  I used to have two, but one broke and it made me infinitely sad…luckily, I still have the matching mug!  Errol has not found that yet, but I’m sure if we drank tea he would demand that mug as well.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my pointless story.

Cool. I have a mug now. Awesome.

Debs:  Soon, you will start using “dings” and “bingy-bings” with people other than Errol.  Then you’re really in trouble.  You’ll start doing it at parties…with your family… and then people will start understanding it and that’s even scarier.  It mildly freaked me out that my boss understood it when I did it at work and – this is only my third day!  It went something like:

Boss:  I bought the squishy!
Me: Yay, the squishy!!
Co-worker: The squishy?  What?!
Boss: The thing you asked for.  I forget what it’s called. Deb called it a squishy yesterday.
Me: ….mop…thing…

Have I mentioned that I’m working part time at a yoga studio?  I brought my own mug from home.  If anyone has any connections to Teaopia or David’s Tea, please tell me.  If I can work at one of those places too, I’m set for life.

Errol: My boss at works understands me too. It’s all awesome. 😀

20 Responses to Comic 251 – “Language”

  1. Manda knows Errol shorthand? Don’t know if I should congratulate Errol or pity Manda… probably both.

    Also, my RGN inner self is raging about panel 4

  2. Hmm- this was in my RSS feed for a moment about two to three hours ago, and then promptly disappeared.

    I assume there was a reason for this… maybe Errol had forgotten a part of the usual fawmat.

    Also, just noticed that the comic numbers have been all over the place of late.

  3. Also, and I really ought to have said this earlier, but you really need to stop looking at people’s dings Errol- can be just a bit disconcerting.

  4. Ugh, I’ll be lucky if I can get a job a Timmies, the rate I’m going. There will be no bosses that speak Error in my future, it seems.
    I’m glad at least you two have lovely paying jobs with bosses who can put up with Errol-tongue (otr, in Errol’s case, Errol himself).
    I did have a chuckle, anyways.

  5. I love this! Reminds me of working out in the villages. In Yupik, “emok” means thing, but it can be both a noun and a verb, so on a really good day you can have kids walking around school asking if you can “emok me that emok.”