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Comic 252 – “Loops”

Errol: When I walk into a room, I start shooting portals in places that look like they’re supposed to go. So if I see a wall that’s way off in the distance, I shoot it. It happened I saw two inclined portals that I immediately shot, and I don’t know why. Manda goes on these catapults, and eventually, finds herself in an infinite loop of catapults and my portals. It was awesome because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do then.

And then my wife came in and I wanted to tell her she was gorgeous, but Manda was still stuck in the loop. I sure get distracted easily. But hey.. wife is gorgeous. 😀

Whitless:  You know what sucks more than trying to get Errol to focus?  Trying to get Errol to focus while you’re helplessly flying through the air in an endless loop of catapults, ESPECIALLY when you very clearly see that allllll he needs to do is push a little button, but he can’t figure out how to get there because he seems to have acquired the memory of a fish.  And you can’t even hit him or jingle keys in his face because you’re playing online over skype.  BRAAAAAAGGGGHH!…You know, I’m wondering if Errol drew this comic WHILE I was trapped in this endless loop.  Which would be evil, but wouldn’t surprise me.  I’ll have my revenge…someday…first…I must build a faith plate….

8 Responses to Comic 252 – “Loops”

  1. Only Errol gets a writer’s credit on this one? Despite the idea coming from Manda?

    Nice to see something a little more infawmal though.

  2. Well, Errol really did the writing of this one. I only provided inspiration and hilarity. I’m like an awkward muse