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Comic 255 – “Good Times”

Errol: My niece is staying over. That means she’s staying in our guest room. This means, our housemate is staying in the living room. This is where I record music.

So… I can’t record music. 🙁 This is contributing to my lack of FAWM output.

That… and I’m utterly exhausted. I don’t know why I can’t stay up past 11pm anymore. This whole sleep thing is seriously cutting into my productivity.

Whitless: Hey, wait, how IS that song coming along?

Yes, I am writing a song!  Or rather, I’m giving Errol a bunch of lyrics and he makes them far better and writes the music to it.  Seriously, I have a lot to learn when it comes to song writing.  I’ve kind of been holding off on putting too much pressure on poor Errol, not only because lately he’s been getting an even more distant look in his eyes than normal, but also because a finished song means I’ll actually have to sing, and as scared as I am of rhyming things I’m even more scared of singing those things in key.  But if I want to make a video it has to be in my voice…EEP!

4 Responses to Comic 255 – “Good Times”

  1. You are now introduced to Errol’s only other emotion besides happy and happier – “tired”.

    • @Lizette Tanner,This is what happened while we were working on the song. We wrote a few words, Errol tried to look for another song to show an example, then went to the fawm website, then commented on a few people’s songs, then got hungry (okay, I was hungry too :P). Then we ate, then I saw the most frightening Errol ever: one who couldn’t finish a sentence because his brain was mush from staying up till 4am. It was bizarre.