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Comic 263 – “Relationships”

Errol: This is a condensed Gchat conversation I had with James P Sheridan. I will present the whole conversation for your enjoyment.

Errol:  I know what you can say
ask her “Is this song about Errol?” 😀

JPS:  😛  I’m well aware that it wasn’t about errol…that comment seems incredibly disengenous

Errol:  does it matter if it’s disingenuous

JPS:  😛 yes it does

Errol:  nah… laugh Doesn’t stop me now, does it but then again, I’m a jerk like that

JPS:  you have a different relationship with her

Errol:  thanks … I’m the ‘be a jerk’ relationship? LAUGH
What is YOUR relationship then?!? 😀

JPS:  genuine ;p you are the more…jovial relationship

Errol:  What? You DON’T THINK OUR RELATIONSHIP IS GENUINE?!? What do you mean by THAT?

JPS:  i don’t mean anything by that i don’t know what your relationship with her is

Errol:  You don’t think it’s “genuine”

JPS:  oi

Errol:  You think it’s a paper thin construction of simple and naive relationships

JPS:  no, i am saying that mine IS and i wish to maintain that sense of being totally genuine

Errol:  you think I can’t be a good friend

JPS:  are you gonna go cry in the corner now? 😛

can I show Manda this conversation?

She’d get a kick out of it

JPS:  i am making a whitless face right now

Errol:  Totally awesome

JPS:  of pure exasperation

Errol:  My job here is done
This is going to be a comic


JPS:  oh god

Errol:  but I have to share this with manda and my sister

JPS:  😛

Errol:  I guess I could share it with Debs, but I think she ignores my emails

*sigh* It’s a sad state of affairs. No one values my friendship…

JamesPSheridan: Errol has a remarkable talent for quickly twisting your words and snowballing what you didn’t actually say at all into a giant mess before you can even register what has happened. He is like a magician who’s slight of hand is used to manipulate your statements before your very eyes. I am glad he isn’t an insecure, neurotic person or I might worry that I have inadvertently insulted him. Instead he seems happy as a kitten to just mess with your mind and leave you a quivering gelatinous pile of broken synapses after trying (and failing) to follow his logic. I am telling you its not humanly possible….my brain hurts.

Whitless:  I’m invading Errol’s blurb space!!  MWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!  In colour!  Look how smart I am!

52 Responses to Comic 263 – “Relationships”

  1. You know Errol, sometimes a joke can be pushed too far… I can’t say for certain (not being one of the people involved) but this may be one of those times.

  2. Crums, reached max level again. Good grief.

    @Kelson – yes, they are fully aware of my strange sense of humour. They still agree to do projects with me! ^_^