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Comic 264 – “Tania”

Errol: I wrote a song with Tania, and she wrote the lyrics about how programming was like magic. Very cool! And the best part? She wrote on my wall:

Oh and for the record, or at least to spark potential amusing comics, I like you better than debs.
Leastways, you are slightly more tangential than she, and I like that.
I imagine I would stop liking that were I ever to try working with you.
But as that seems unlikely, I can just make potentially catalytic comments, then duck… wink

*PS debs, don’t get offended wink*

Huzzah! Someone likes me! HUZZAH! 😀

Now, as you guys are fully aware, Debs is the favourite of the band, just like Davy Jones was the favourite. You know it, I know it.

In fact, I decrease her popularity in FAWM! If you take a look at Debs profile, you will see her songs. Normally, doing a song with Debs is comment gold: everyone will want to comment on how amazing she is… and you get splashed with glory.

But paired up with me… BAMMO! Lowest number of comments. *LAUGH*

ANYWAY, this is the reason for my celebration:  someone appreciates the other person in the band. Even if it is conditional. I’m doing my part, no matter how little.

Makes me happy! 😀

Tania:  I GOT IN A DEBS AND ERROL COMIC!!! My life is now officially complete!

I still don’t really know what it’s like working with errol, even though we officially collabed on a song, because it was kind of last minute (read ‘very’, there) and i basically wrote and posted the lyrics, then dropped a note on him and asked him to compose and sing music for it, (which he did!!!) which he then posted, and that was the sum total…

But yes. I wrote that. 😉

And I’m not actually suicidal…

11 Responses to Comic 264 – “Tania”

      • @Errol, is she from Detroit? That would be extremely… disappointing.

        Also, bacon is good. Now I’m sad I have no bacon.

        How did I not comment on Debs’ seduction comment? It’s soooooooo Errol writing for Debs and maybe a chance of her actually thinking that.

      • @Kelson, no, she’s not from detroit. 😀 Why would you think that? *laugh*

        And yes… that IS me writing for Debs, and there is a 100% chance that she WILL think it… when she reads the comic. 😀

        Let’s hope… she skips this one…

  1. the other person in the band

    So…you’re re-naming your group as, “Debs and…the other person in the band”? 😀

  2. EEEEEEEEE I’m in a comic!!!

    Oh, and nope, sorry, i’m all British!
    You’d understand the red wing thing id you looked at my FAWM album art, which is a red-winged angel with a scythe 🙂