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Comic 267 – “Plan B”

Errol: Something prompted Debs to chat with me on Gmail Chat! Huzzah! She even mentioned that she should do a whole story arc! And then she… disappeared. I didn’t even say anything that would have driven her away. Ah well. I will continue with my updates of rare Debs encounters. ^_^

And to be fair to Ja-Mez, he has a lot more interests than just Spider-Man. Why, when you listen to our podcasts, you will hear all the other four! 😀 I kid, Ja-Mez, I kid.

Ja-Mez: For the record, the only reason I continue to bring up Spider-Man on the podcast is because it riles up Manda for some reason. Its not my fault she lacks the proper appreciation or doesn’t seem to have an understanding of the character post-1967. I also don’t see why my role as a Spider-Fan is any more frequent (annoying) than Errol’s love of Totoro…or his bodily functions.

19 Responses to Comic 267 – “Plan B”

  1. Yes, it does seem that the overwhelming majority of James’ interests are made by Marvel, D.C. or occasionally other comic publishers…

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if James turned up in the comic wearing a spider-man mask, hint hint Errol.

      • @Mercenary Pen, *laugh* Actually, it was Ja-Mez’s idea… so he won’t cringe. 😀 However, it won’t happen for a while… and I may forget.

        However, here’s a hint… it’s TMNT related. If it’s his idea… it’s bound to be related SOMEHOW to TMNT, Ghostbusters, Spider-Man or Walking Dead. 😀

      • @Kelson, You mock, but the destructive force of a proton pack would be an effective tool against zombies…if its particle stream were more stable and under control. And though it wouldn’t be fatal Spidey’s webshooters would at least provide a sticky hindrance to slow the zombies down, while the Turtle shells provide at least some protection from bites.

        …Yes I really have thought about it

      • @jps, what you failed to think of was making the web electrically conductive so that the proton pack could send a charge through the entire thing, thus allowing mass distribution of the energy. Option two is to just make Spider-Man shoot ghost slime instead of normal web material, allowing for proton packs to work.

      • @Kelson, Well the particle stream isn’t electrically based, despite how it appears. Its protonically based interacting with spirits composed of mainly electron based ectoplasmic material. Its a positively charged stream to entrap the negatively charged entity.

        And I was assuming that there was no prep-time that the equipment is based on the usual content of the characters. Spider-Man alone, with prep time and current access to Horizon Labs could likely whip up a variety of helpful gadgets, and post-Video Game Ghostbusters also have augmented Proton Packs with a number of different functions.

        That said, arming yourself with some of the Turtle’s weapons, especially Leonardo’s Ninjato (often mistaken for Katana) would be a helpful alternative, though would lack the destructive force of the Proton Pack.

      • @jps, all very true. I always wondered how the proton packs could cause collateral damage considering how they shoot beams of protons… unless they somehow formed a plasma stream of some kind contained in a forcefield of sorts, or just a coherent plasma stream, but then it’s a lightsaber. I’ll have to ask my buddy who is a major Ghostbusters fan, built his own proton pack and all.

        I seem to remember a company/lab like Horizon from ages ago in the Spidey-verse, but I can’t seem to find any references to it anywhere for some reason. Is it just my mind mixing franchises or was there a predecessor to it? I bring it up because HL is fairly new, and I think he had access to different web formulas a while ago. And the video game proton packs? No… I stick to the movie ones.

        Swords always come in handy. I just wish that in these modern times, they would do a TMNT reboot with guns. Is that too much to ask? It would be so much more useful.

      • @Kelson, There have been a couple different labs over the years in Spidey, I mean there would have to be given how often Science goes bad and creates another monstrosity in that book. Horizon is relatively new, but its provided a slightly new take on an old aspect of the character.

        Ninjas with guns seems anachronistic to me, but then again we are talking about walking talking turtles so….

  2. My interests vary, but my enthusiasm for something is usually dependent upon the amount of content available and forth coming. The last few years have been heavy on the content for Spider-Man, TMNT, Ghostbusters and Walking Dead, and since three of those remain fairly content heavy I tend to maintain interest in them.