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Comic 266 – “Comic Time”

Errol: Alina, Debs’s mom (for those of you who may not know this), hasn’t been in the comic in a while. Although, I think she only reads the comic if ‘Debbie’ is in it. That still sounds so weird to me. 😀

At one point in time, Debs did preview these comics for editing purposes… that’s why her name was in the credits. But now that I am so lax in getting them up, and she’s rarely around a computer, no editing is done! I count on you, dear reader.

Edit: Oh crap… I forgot a period.

8 Responses to Comic 266 – “Comic Time”

  1. You know Errol, you really ought to chain* Debs to a computer for a couple of hours once a week, for her own continued wellbeing…

    *using metaphorical chains, obviously… I can’t believe I needed to say that to you Errol.

    • @Mercenary Pen, it kinda is scary that it needs to be said implicitly that the chains are metaphorical…

      Debs having a computer and having internet are apparently two very different things right now.

      • @Kelson, Yeah, i did mean a computer with internet access- and with the chains I was just heading off a misunderstanding from Errol before it happened.

      • @Errol, in an age of cell phones and other things, how can you not be online? If Apple were to announce implantable wireless chips tomorrow, I would be first in line!

  2. Gosh, this arithmetic is challenging my brain to remember how to add! But Errol: her name is IS IS IS Debbie!

    It is true that I have also not been much on the computer lately, so good thing I checked facebook today! Thanks for the idea of chaining Debs, methinks it may come in handy in other matters, like she could be chained to my kitchen counter to clean, etc.