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Around the Web

Look! We’re on the web!

I mean, other than this site.


First off, from Geeky Pleasures, we are Geek of the Week! How awesome is that! And this is because of Comic 298. I’m so excited! I should have made it a comic!


My Entertainment World has a review of Simian Showcase and we’re in it! The review, I mean, of course we’re in the Simian Showcase. I’ve been talking about it all week. Anyway, the reviewer liked us even though she had no idea what we were talking about!


Their songs are simply composed but lots of fun, their banter is superb and their references so niche that almost every single one of them went over my head…

And for those of you who may wish to see a behind the scenes look, here’s a short VEDA on the show last night!

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