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Category Archives: Press

Album Review by Meli!

Errol: Huzzah! Our very own Meli wrote a review of our album! I will definitely need to add it to the reviews page of our album on the wiki! And please, if you find anything on the web, or if you review our album, by all means, tell us! Even if it’s not positive! I… Continue

D&E: Blogs Around The Web 4

Allo All! Errol here, searching for myself on the internets again. It’s amazing what you find when one should be doing other things. We’ll get to writing songs again. Trust me. Continue

Debs & Errol: Around the Web 3

Geeky Pleasures Errol: Look! Look, We’re Featured Independent Artist for the month of May for Geeky Pleasures! Huzzah! Check out the review! I first met Julia Sherred on Google Plus! She was geeky, she had all these cool websites, and she talked to me! All sorts of awesome. I actually can’t keep up with all… Continue