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Comic 305 – “Whitless Poems”

Errol: Last night, I had a great conversational misunderstanding with Linn, who is one of the Techs for the Simian Showcase. Sadly, it won’t fit into our G-rated comic else it would have been perfect. Just like a Three’s Company episode. Kinda. Not really. But it would have been great. However, Manda wrote this for me, and it’s equally as great, so I made it into comic form. Whitless: I was going crazy at work and when I go crazy at work I tend to covertly write other things so that I don’t stab my computer with my ruler.  Strangely enough, i was in a rhyming mood and Errol was texting me at the same time, so I wrote this poem.  Actually at the same time I started humming it as a song.  I think Errol’s having a bad influence on me. Join the Forum discussion on this post

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