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Comic 306 – “BSG Love”

Errol: I wonder if Debs will blog about the show. I know I don’t have the time, sadly. It was a great run though! The final show was insane, and I can’t wait to get the video for that.

Sadly, after a numerous remindings, I forgot my Totoro painting at the venue. Ugh. I’m so sad.

Anyway, I wrote this comic because I don’t know why Debs thinks I think her song’s subpar.

NOR do I understand why people think I am not aware that Debs is the popular one in the band! *LAUGH*

I KNOW that! I constantly tease her about it! I tease her on stage about it! 😀

I have geek songs, she has charisma and talent! Without Debs (or a similar facsimile of Debs), the band dies! It’s Debs that people want to talk to after shows! Male or female! *laugh*

And I much prefer it that way! I’m actually uncomfortable with ‘fan adoration’. 😀 I liken it to when my parents come and really only wish to see the children and not me. I’m good with that too!

I think people think it bothers me. It bothers me as much as when people tell me my wife is much hotter than I am.

…. Mmmmm…. wife….

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