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Comic 312 – “Rituals”

Whitless: Have you ever been texted by Errol?  If you have, you know it happens frequently, and for me this is especially the case right before I go onstage.  He claims it’s to calm me, but I remain skeptical :D.  Then he’ll accuse me of ignoring him which I am because…well, I’m onstage actually performing.  So when suddenly those texts stop?  I can’t help but be concerned!  He didn’t even realize that he’s been texting EVERY show.  I’m not even a superstitious actor!  I don’t go for the weird routines and traditions that other actors do.  And yet, there I was, onstage, wondering why on earth Errol wasn’t texting and actually considering the possibility something was wrong.  Because THAT’S the expectations Errol’s set for himself.  Way to go :P.

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