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Comic 313 – “Available”

Errol: This is almost the conversation I had with Manda last night. I can’t remember the specifics, but I love how Manda describes Debs as flowers, yoga and vegetables. Ok, I may have added the vegetable part.

Whitless: Once, just once I would like to have a text conversation and not be in fear that it will appear in comic form on the internet :P.  Honest, I love debs!  I wish I could be flowers and happy and yoga!  And happy guitar times!  And Star Wars quotes!  And all that stuff!  But instead I am just Manda, non-player of guitar, horribly unflexible, and unable to ignore texts.

Errol: What? You are awesome on your own. And why do you want to be like Debs and ignore me? DEBS IS MISSING OUT! That’s what I have to say. 😀

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