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Comic 326 – “Customization”

Errol: This conversation happened last night. 😀

Debs: Errols
If you’re around, can you help me with this newsletter thing? it is complicated
Errol: Alllo
Ya… it’s not easy
Aren’t you supposed to be with Jimbo?
Debs: I am. But I have to get this done before I go to the cottage. I thought it was easy. You did it in 5 seconds. I have to go in through the back end and I don’t even know where the link is.
Errol: …

Poor Debs, she didn’t say that line in the last panel, but I know she was thinking it! 😀

Oh, and I call her boy ‘Jimbo’, obviously not his name. She doesn’t like it. I don’t know how he feels about it, I’m hoping he doesn’t read the comic either. 😀


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