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Comic 327 – “Long Weekend!”

Whitless:  I wish I was exaggerating this conversation.  I really do.  In my ongoing curiousity to see if there’s a limit to how much Errol wants to hang out, 17 hours over two days does not seem to be enough to satisfy the Errol.  Thankfully, those hours are filled with highly entertaining shenanigans :D.  And to be fair, it was me who called Errol a girlfriend first.

10 Responses to Comic 327 – “Long Weekend!”

  1. I was watching fireworks and chasing small children around for most of Sunday night, as well as this evening.
    Oh, and I also talked to someone obsessed with Greek, Roman, an Norse Mythology and British Royal history. It was awesome. XD

      • I dunno. You never really know a person until you know their birthday, favourite colour, and middle name.
        Paige actually IS my middle name and my favourite colour depends on my mood. :3

      • Heh, My middle name IS Errol. And my favourite colour is blue… although I like black too. Which.. is an absence of colour, but whatever. 😀

      • Wow, I’m not the only one that does that?
        Other than my dad, I mean. “Hey, I go by my middle name, so my middle daughter should too, even though she hates hers!”
        Oh, I love you, Dad… -_-;;

      • Paige is a fun name! 😀

        And… I go by my middle name because nobody understands me when I say my first and last name together:

        Elmer Elumir