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Comic 330 – “Too Much”

Whitless: Now this conversation IS exaggerated.  Here’s how it usually goes.
Errol: Poor manpans, I talk about the band too much!
Manda: It’s okay, I don’t mind.
Errol:  You DO mind!  You’re bored, aren’t you?  BORED!
Manda:  No, I’m really not.
Errol:  I’m sorry manpans that you’re so bored of me!
Manda:  Errol, I’M NOT BORED.
Errol: And now you’re mad at me too.

Errol: Heh, this would make a good comic, I should have asked her. However, she is right, she never complains how much I talk about the band. I talk about it a LOT to my seestair and manpans. Not only do I talk to manpans a lot, I also call my sister every day and we talk about it.  They have the patience of SAINTS, I tell ya. SAINTS!

3 Responses to Comic 330 – “Too Much”

  1. Be careful with cross posting. Just like your friends, Google gets bored when you keep repeating the exact same thing everywhere you go. So like bored friends, Google will start to tune you out when you talk (in the form of a lower page rank for FYI 🙂

      • Usually on FB and Twitter you are posting excerpts rather than the whole content of the post, so it doesn’t hurt you. It’s more an issue when you post everything word for word as you might when cross posting from WordPress and Tumblr.

        The issue is that there are many spam blogs (splogs) out there that just scrape/duplicate the content of random sites and then show ads to the people that visit their splog. Google is punishing that behavior. If you duplicate your content everywhere it not only makes you look like a splogger, but it also makes your main site not the only expert on the things you are talking about. You essentially become your own competition.