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Comic 329 – “Simple Pleasures”

Whitless: First, it was three. Second, three drinks at a bar is not a bad thing. Third, I had food too! In fact, I matched Errol meal for meal! Except I didn’t finish my rice. He was devastated.

Errol: For the record, I don’t hate cottages that much. Camping… yes, I hate camping that much. I also had a crazy weekend, as outlined in comic 327. I was at Snakes & Lattes for 7 hours and we didn’t even notice the time go by. Afterwards, we went off to see Nerds With Guitars at their EP Release party. All sorts of fun. It was Manda’s first time hearing them so she enjoyed it!

Anyway, I am going to crosspost everything to our tumblr now. Why? Because our site is so slow it’s killing me. I’m hoping that for those that read from the FB site or the Twitter site will be redirected to the tumblr site. I will, however, keep everything here as well. I’ll see in the next week if the speed improves.

If not, I will just weep. Like I wept when Manda didn’t finish her rice. Nor did Steve, Memes and Nikki (whom I was with at 2nd Dim Sum).

Debs: Lake > shower. We couldn’t shower because we had no water! Huzzah!

Errol: That sounds totally awful.

5 Responses to Comic 329 – “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Why are things going to be split between the two sites? This will really complicate things for peoples… I don’t notice this slowness you always complain about.

    I agree with Debs on this one, lakes are far superior to showers. Although, I will admit, when I got home I grabbed a quick shower.

  2. It’s not split, it’s tumblr. It’s like a mirror site. It’s similar how I post things on FB too. Kinda…

    The problem is… I am having a REALY REALLLY REALLLY REALLLY hard time keeping up with social media. 😀

    • And the more sites you make, the harder it becomes! The comments do not sync between the two sites.

      Aren’t there dashboards that can be used to maintain multiple sites all at the same time?

      • Hmmm, I should see about synching the comments.

        No, you would think there would be dashboards, but no. There still isn’t one for google plus. 🙁