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Comic 337 – “Fark Details”

Errol: We have a gig this Saturday. The above comic is true, I know nothing about it other than we’re performing. And I AM too scared to ask her.  Someone will tell me something eventually…

Debs: The comic is so useful 😛 I didn’t know you didn’t know. Show starts at 8, soundcheck at 7:00-7:15.  Set is 15-20 minutes, we are in the second half.

6 Responses to Comic 337 – “Fark Details”

  1. Now I am totally creeped out by the doppleganger who isn’t really Debs.

    The third wall hasn’t really been broken so much as transmuted to a semipermeable amorphous membrane

      • These are all geek references, aren’t they, including the mouse-over? I wish I could understand and then smirk at the joke. But alas, I can not…