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Comic 341 – “Birthday Texting”

Errol: The comic is correct. I take a pic, every day, usually of myself posing with something, and send it off to people with a stupid caption. Today, I will… send more.

Debs: Wait, 7? I thought there were only 5! Who did you add?

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12 Responses to Comic 341 – “Birthday Texting”

      • Now I’m just curious to see what this is like. It’s random, and would be good for a few laughs, but would probably keep me more amused than reddit.

      • No… it’s honestly not that interesting. I send out pics of ME. Let me give you a synopsis of today’s photos:

        – Birthday Spider
        – Me posting with birthday totoro gift from girls
        – Sexy wife in doctor’s office
        – Me and Wife at Pho
        – Lemongrass Chicken dish with FRIED EGG
        – Debs and I
        – Me and Birthday Starbucks coffee
        – Me sitting under a tree avoiding children as I pick them up for school…

      • But it’s random minutia. I LOVE RANDOM MINUTIA. Except twitter. Twitter can burn for all I care. I’m the guy who looks for the easter eggs in Pixar movies.

  1. Happy Birthday Errol. I would have sent my regards earlier, but I wasn’t getting the site properly for most of the day.

      • Yeah, kept getting old CloudFront (or whatever they’re called) cached versions of the site… The RSS-feed updated on schedule with the new comic, but I wasn’t able to get in.

        Maybe they just cut it down to everything bar the international traffic or something?

      • Maybe a router was down somewhere between here and the UK.

        Cloudflare is good for keeping that backup, and redirecting traffic when things get busy. 😀