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Comic 342 – “Lush”

Errol: Comic 329 was when Manpans and I went to see Nerds With Guitars‘ EP release party. The way I keep to do notes is by keeping messages in Gmail unread. I figured I should start culling that list.

Whitless:  I’m not a lush!  I can’t have the internet thinking I’m a lush!  It doesn’t work with my adorable clumsy image!  Is there such thing as an adorable lush?  Is there?!  Well, I don’t want to be one!  Forget it!  I only drink at bars!  And at friends houses… and sometimes during dinner… and occasionally while gaming… and after rehearsals, cause you know, I’m an actor and have to deal with emotions and stuff… I painted myself into a corner, didn’t I?  Painted myself into a corner in my own blurb…

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