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Comic 345 – “Reddit Meetup”

Errol: I had my first Reddit Meetup! Manpans thought it was strange that a bunch of people off the internet randomly got together, and it never occured to me they they would have a meetup especially in a bigger city like this. So I went and had a fun time! It’s weird when you don’t have to explain something to people… as I often need to do when I talk about Reddit to other people.

Whitless: Poor Errol had to deal with a lot of “oh god oh god I don’t know anyone why are you making me meet new people” anxiety from me.  Thankfully, everyone was pretty chill and I was only visibly awkward for about 30% of the meet-up.  Any reddit jokes made I laughed along with even though I didn’t get them.  Because I’m cool that way.

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