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Comic 346 – “FB Status”

Errol: This is an old archived comic that I had from a conversation I had with Manda. I have her status updates go directly to my phone so I can reply to them. Poor Manpans.

Whitless: I almost forgot I wrote this.  It was weeks ago.  Half of our conversations now end with him saying “Can you write this into a comic for me?”  I’ve become a comic slave.

Errol: Oooh, good idea… I should get more people to do my comics for me…

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3 Responses to Comic 346 – “FB Status”

  1. And thus “International Shun Errol Day” was established, on which day nobody replies to Errol by text or by internet, nobody mentions Errol, etc.

    (No, I wouldn’t really go through with it…)

    • You would have to convince Manda first… 😀 she’s the one that replies… even when she shouldn’t… 😀

      • Precisely why I wouldn’t go through with it… too much like hard work, and thats before we get to James, Debs and Lizette…