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Comic 348 – “Errol Encounters”

Errol: This was gleaned from an old gmail chat. March 27th, in fact. That’s right, if you happen to chat with me on gmail, I collect your responses.

Whitless: This was probably also triggered by last night’s phone conversation:

(Phone rings)
Me:  Hello?
Errol:  Hello!
Me:  Hi, how are you?
Errol: Hi!
Me:  Um…hi…
Errol:  Hallo!
Me:  I’m going to hang up.


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12 Responses to Comic 348 – “Errol Encounters”

  1. Errol has sung the Walkthrough song so much that he has turned into a text-based adventure. Being Asian, it’s a cross between Zork and Starcraft, with a hint of Pokémon.

  2. It’s the exciting new “Chose Your Own Conversation” series..

    If you respond “YO!”, turn to page 6.
    To say “Um Hello” turn to page 27.
    If you just look at Errol without responding, turn to page 82.