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Comic 347 – “Alina Texts”

Errol: Wow, I forgot… I’ve been so crazy busy as of late. *sigh* And Debs SAYS she gets her texts, but that’s not true. It’s always full, and she may not even see your text until days later. At least, that’s what she tells me. Good way of keeping me from texting or calling her. (She doesn’t answer her phone either, I think she has call display.)

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2 Responses to Comic 347 – “Alina Texts”

  1. Hey, thanks for keeping me up on my arithmetic with “please prove you are not trying to spam me” routine. Debs, I said NO NO NO to this topic! You are one mean-driving person, you! Errol on the other hand – you look DELIGHTED – hope it’s just bec we were talking about you, and not delighted “just” with the topic on its own. Hey. Want a new project? Let us start a support group for those whose friends don’t answer texts!

    • *LAUGH*

      You vetoed this comic? 😀

      And… yes, I DO have friends that don’t answer texts.

      Your daughter may or may not be one of them. *LAUGH*