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Comic 356 – “Normals”

Errol: It’s hard to play for people who have no clue what we’re talking about. 🙂

Whitless:  Part of me wants to be a musician so I can say the word “Gig” a lot.  Buuut the other part of me probably couldn’t deal with having the occasional bad show…although it happens with acting too…I chose the wrong career.  Also, I DID suggest this comic thinking it would just be Debs and Errol, but I keep invading.  Double also, I want to go to Europe!  Lucky Debs.

Errol: Wait… is that a veiled attempt of accusing me of not crediting you? I’m sorry. *sniff* You hate me…

4 Responses to Comic 356 – “Normals”

  1. So wait Debs will be gone, Manda doesn’t want to be in the comics. Does it mean its time for Bald Guy to shine!! 😀

    Wait…that’s not what I meant…crud.

  2. The “normals” bit is something I hear a lot. (Tom Smith frequently says he likes to play for audiences that actually **get the jokes**!)