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Comic 357 – “SAP Meetups”

Errol: I keep going to these meetups. They’re all younger than me… and inebriated. 😀 Kelson did introduce me to a cool drink though!

Kelson: “Yes, Errol and I went to a Reddit meetup. Why? Because it was Saturday; and Errol, being the eternal fountain of energy, and I, being the typical Redditor SAP until there is a bit of a party and booze, somehow get along *Nigel Thornberry* smashingly. (If you don’t get that, it’s ok, it’s Reddit) Also, Errol would randomly cheer for something in the way only he can, and the entire room would join, even though no one would know why, not even Errol. It was awesome.

Errol: Wait a minute, I knew why I was cheering! Wait, I forgot now, but I knew at the time. One of my cheerings was over totoro. Someone I met was part of the totoro subreddit. That was exciting. 😀


10 Responses to Comic 357 – “SAP Meetups”

  1. Meetups are fun- unfortunately I’ve had to cancel my attendance at the UK summer meetup on my usual forums because I can no longer get the time off work to go away (Milton Keynes to Newcastle isn’t the shortest journey ever…)

    • Not even for one meetup? That’s not fun.

      I would admit, it’s hard to keep up with the youngun’s at these meetups. *LAUGH* I get tired at around 11pm…

      • Well, our meetups are usually extended weekends… Some of the guys going are turning up on the thursday and departing on the tuesday… combined with four hours or so of traveling in each direction…

      • Everything from board gaming to occasional roleplaying game sessions plus whatever other activities spring readily to mind… (For example, the people who are there ahead of Friday evening this time will be going to some Gilbert and Sullivan thing)

  2. Clearly, from this comic, Kelson is not asian. And obviously, everything in this comic is true.

  3. Feigned sickness?! There was nothing feigned about it! I was hacking and coughing death rattles all over the place! And then I used the last of my strength going to a movie with Errol, and he didn’t even notice when I went into a coughing fit next to him that was so intense I was crying! But then, Brave was a pretty good movie…

    Also in the process of signing in I ended up looking at ALL of the previous comics from the beginning…okay, not all of them, I only get half an hour for lunch. That’s what I spent my lunch doing. Debs and Errol comic viewing.