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Comic 359 – “Offline”


Errol: We have a gig tonight. Kelson is going to mention how this comic is not verbatim of our conversation. Yes, I combined two things together. It’s BASED on our lives, but it ISN’T our lives. 😀

Kelson: No, this is pretty well our conversation. It’s just… Errol is ALWAYS offline, and when I start a chat through GMail, it wants me to send him an email, not start a chat. So I have to discard the email, force a chat session, then it is always saying “Errol is offline, Do you want to send him a text?” And I’m like “NO! Errol is online! Send him the damn chat message!” Sometimes I just wish tech would do as it’s told and not question the great and powerful Users. Where’s TRON when you need him?

Errol: Wow, it’s not that difficult for me. I just hit the chat button. 😀 Although, I agree… I hate tech at times…


8 Responses to Comic 359 – “Offline”

  1. When your contacts come up on the side, instead of just clicking a name to chat, you have to have your mouse hover over the name and then the chat options will come up. then just click chat :). It took me a couple of tries to figure that out. Silly offline errol.

    • That’s what I have to do, but it’s still strange. I normally just click the name, but it starts an email for him, and it’s all Kelson-rage time, then I open the chat. It’s annoying!

  2. There needs to be a “Inner Circle” circle that sees past “Offline” and a “Really Really offline” option for when you want to hide from your inner circle too!