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Comic 360 – “Enforced Fun”

Errol: We had a gig with Pondward Bound last night, and this saturday we’re doing Vlog! Huzzah! I’m so excited for the weekend, so many fun things! 😀

6 Responses to Comic 360 – “Enforced Fun”

  1. Yup, Errol’s been organising people’s schedules again (and not just his own), I can tell.

    Also, first comic viewed using my new laptop.

    • HUZZAH! New Laptop!

      And I only organize Manpans Schedule! And sometimes Kelson.

      And sometimes Ja-Mez… but that’s harder.

      I actually don’t organize Debs’s schedule…

      • Well, it was pretty obvious that Manda’s schedule was the main one being organised- and that Debs has far too much sense to let you near her own schedule…

        New laptop still needs work- currently incapable of anything involving streaming *sigh*

      • Hey! It’s not for lack of trying. We kinda sorta know where we’re sleeping most nights? The question is whether or not my schedule is organized enough to stalk MP.

        Yay, new laptop!!!

      • At least this year I’ll be able to write for NaNo in places that aren’t at home.