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Comic 365 – “WE Tangent”

Errol: Yes… another duo to be in! This one is called WE Tangent! 😀 You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

Whitless:  It’s true.  Errol and I have made our duoship a bit more official.  Spell check is once again telling me that duoship is not a word.  I’m like Shakespeare, forging new paths in the English language.  Anyway, back to We Tangent.  Errol’s been an increasing part of my creative projects and it’s not because he’s Errol and tries to glomp on any creative project he sees.  I enjoy working and performing with him and it’s very rare that I find a creative partner that I truly click with.  So it only made sense after a while to try and make WE Tangent a thing…okay, Errol had to push me a bit :D, but my gut says it’s a good idea!  I’ll still be doing my Whitless Letters and whatnot, but it’ll all be through WE Tangent from now on because I can’t multitask groups.  Exciting times!

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