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Comic 366 – “Nightly Ritual”

Errol: I’m currently uploading something to youtube, so my internets is extra slow. Just now, while I was waiting for the screen to appear to upload an image, I went to tumblr. I almost got lost when I remembered I was doing the comic. Again.

I do this ALL the time. EVERY night. Sometimes, I’ll go onto facebook because I’m trying to find a link and then I get lost on facebook and forget why I was there.

It’s amazing I get anything done at all.

6 Responses to Comic 366 – “Nightly Ritual”

  1. Raising ADD to an art form and multitasking to an obsession, Errol has the attention span of a ferret on pixie sticks.

  2. Been there, done that.. ( oh wait.. How did I get back on your site anyway… ok Ok strike that… starting over.. )

    Am there.. doing that…