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Comic 368 – “Video Podcast”

Errol: Am I done this stupid video yet? NO. Still trying to break it into 15 minutes chunks. Ugh, editing this has been hard… if I turn into a serial killer, you know why.

Debs: Hahaha. That last square is classic. I’m in Europe. Weeeee!

11 Responses to Comic 368 – “Video Podcast”

  1. nononono! You’re not supposed to turn into a serial killer! You’re supposed to turn out a killer serial! Focus! Focus!!

  2. Errol: Let’s do a video podcast!
    Me: Won’t that be long?!
    Errol: Of course not, it’ll be easy!

    I love the expression on my face in the first two panels, cause that’s exactly how I felt about the idea of videotaping us talking for an hour :P.

  3. I had been wondering why no podcast considering you mentioned in a comic that one was happening- but now I know…

    • Have now seen the video episode- what fun.

      Especially with ‘Not Manpans’ derailing James’ train of thought almo0st every other minute.

      • Hey I’m just calling it as I see it, and most of the time it seemed to be the extra time caused by your interruptions that caused James to lose his train of thought… though for all I know, that could be purely how things appear due to edits.

      • I’m pretty sure I let Ja-Mez talk for a good 10 minutes without me interrupting!

        Of course, I should really verify that statement…

      • Of course you did, you’re a master of finding exactly the right moment to interrupt *wink*

        You’d best check whether the good ten minutes without interruption got edited out…