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Comic 367 – “Corpse”


Errol: Today I Learned what ‘corpse’ meant in actor world. I could have heard it wrong, and it’s probably not spelled that way, but I’m learning all sorts of things! 😀 Will I go and check out Headshots & Healing Potions, and will I try to make her corpse? Oh yes.

And bummer, I didn’t get promo #4 out. I will need to do that.

Whitless: It is spelled correctly!  No worries!  Well, I am worried.  Because at least with Elephant Man the audience and theatre were pretty big and I couldn’t see Errol trying to make me laugh.  This is going to be a shed, with 5 or 6 people.  And Errol will be right there.  Taunting me.  It’ll be my greatest acting challenge yet.  On the plus side, YES, the opening night went very well!  Check out the vlog I did about it!  It’ll probably still be uploading for the next little while, though…sigh…


5 Responses to Comic 367 – “Corpse”

  1. Errol, your goal in life is to become a professional troll, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Too many TLAs.

      ION: Busy getting my main cast of characters in order ahead of Monday.