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Comic 382 – “Frequency”

Errol: Why is this comic late? It’s Bryan’s fault. Totally his fault. He set up a Terraria server. 😀

Anyway, to be fair, Debs doesn’t text back because her plan only allows… five free texts, or something like that. Of course, she still treats my texts like they’re email. Or snail mail. … or maybe just spam.

Her plan worked though, I text her only once a month. Unlike the Eleven.

Debs:  I get 50 free texts a month. I mean…five. Yes, five. There are 11 now? Good grief! 

5 Responses to Comic 382 – “Frequency”

  1. HELP! Brian has taken over my computer and installed Steam and Terraria…. aaaah!!! I’m a knitter not a gamer!

  2. LOL it’s true! they call me “Brian With An i – The Enabler!” usually they shorten that to just Brian, but I know what they really mean 😀

      • lol np. I ain’t bovvered.. My FATHER did the same the other day!

        Bit it’s kind-of like trademark law. If you see a violation, you have to point it out to prevent further misuse. 😛