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Comic 410 – “MudHero”

Errol: Yes, this is late again, but I had the run this morning! I will NOT say I had the runs this morning. No… that would be uncouth. And I am not uncouth. No sirreeee…

It was a lot of fun though. I couldn’t tweet as I normally do because I didn’t want to get my phone dirty. It was a pretty filthy mess out there. 😀

Whitless:  No, you would never say anything uncouth like that, unless it’s over text…Let’s also not forget that Errol signed up to be BOTH a runner in the zombie run AND a zombie later on.  He will die.


6 Responses to Comic 410 – “MudHero”

  1. Just noticed that this comic should be 409, and the one directly before should be 408.

  2. But if you drink milk before the race you will be jet propelled! (at least that’s what it would do to me! ) WHAT you’re lactose intolerant too!??