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Comic 410 – “MudHero”

Errol: Yes, this is late again, but I had the run this morning! I will NOT say I had the runs this morning. No… that would be uncouth. And I am not uncouth. No sirreeee…

It was a lot of fun though. I couldn’t tweet as I normally do because I didn’t want to get my phone dirty. It was a pretty filthy mess out there. 😀

Whitless:  No, you would never say anything uncouth like that, unless it’s over text…Let’s also not forget that Errol signed up to be BOTH a runner in the zombie run AND a zombie later on.  He will die.


6 Responses to Comic 410 – “MudHero”

  1. But if you drink milk before the race you will be jet propelled! (at least that’s what it would do to me! ) WHAT you’re lactose intolerant too!??