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Comic 409 – “Shooting Schedule”

Errol: Poor Debs, even though I’m not an actor, I think I’ve hung out with Manpans enough, (or maybe been on film sets enough) to know that a video shoot consumes your life until it’s done.

3 Responses to Comic 409 – “Shooting Schedule”

  1. Between a no-Internet-connection vacation and coming back to a spotty Internet Connection week at his house and then an all consuming musical, THE SERVER IS SOOOOO LONELY! I did find it funny that before vacation Errol, Manpans, and Kelson (and sometimes me) were playing hours pretty much every night and when Errol went *poof* for a week, no on got on the server even once! Errol seems to have an excitement that infects everyone around him. That’s a good thing!

    Also on the positive side, my main Terraria character is now more powerful than the group character I play with. So I may convert it over!