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Comic 415 – “Panic”


Errol: Poor Manpans. I mean, it’s not exactly like this. The issues she worries about are not the same. But she’s worrying. Oh is she worrying.

Whitless:  I hate that “whom”.  Who says whom anymore?!  And he corrects me at least three times a week.  Argh.  Unfortunately, this panic is pretty much par for the course for me when it comes to my creative projects.  Ask anyone who has worked with me.  It’s a wonder they still want to after all this time and panic.  Most of the panic though comes from really wanting to do a project and do a good job.  Once the stage lights go up or the camera turns on, I’m fine and dandy.  It’s only the preparation and anticipation that gets me :D.

10 Responses to Comic 415 – “Panic”

  1. Whatever you do Manda, try not to make your shooting schedule look like this:

    Day One: Buy revolver… first target Errol.