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Comic 421 – “Crane”


Errol: This is Kelsey. She is our director. She likes cranes. And velociraptors. That’s all I really know. She’s good at directing though. We shot a scene from episode six and it went great on thursday night. 😀

9 Responses to Comic 421 – “Crane”

  1. I foresee us having name issues during this shoot… Also, what kind of crane? Camera or construction?

  2. Does she like them with or without feathers or without? I mean the velociraptors not the cranes.. Though I don’t know anything about the musical so maybe I could be talking cranes…
    Cause you know they believe they had feathers now.. the velociraptors.. cranes always either had feathers or not.. unless there’s an add-on boa involved. or a lot of plucking…

  3. You’ll need a crane! You’ll need a crane!
    To film your nanowrimo musical
    You’re gonna need
    It’s gonna take
    A camera guy hung from a chain

    • I cannot fly you in the air,
      I cannot raise you anywhere,
      I do not have a crane you see,
      So on the ground you’ll have to be!

  4. *shakes head in despair*

    You’re all wrong- your director is stipulating a specific martial arts stance that has to make it into the movie 😛