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Comic 422 – “Almost There”


Errol: The hardest thing, I think, about this musical, is finding the time in September and telling people that I am unavailable almost all the time. I can barely respond to emails or to calls. All these events are happening, I have this thing called a family, I am playing for a wedding, there is the Zombie run, my wife’s birthday is September 14th, but we are trying to fit in 4 or even 5 nights of the week to do shooting.  I am rarely on the FB and on the Twitter, and I keep Terraria on all day so that if I can grab five minutes to mine, I will. 😀

Acting is hard.

Whitless:  Hey, it’s two or three evenings a week!  At least it will be now that the recording is done.  And yeah, this conversation did happen, except that Ja-mez wasn’t actually aware of my immediate reaction.  And now he is.  Oh this comic :D.  To be fair, it wasn’t an insane request and I had the good sense to wait a day before I responded so that my response would be more calm and less insane asylum.


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