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Comic 423 – “Rare Sighting”

Errol: Yesterday was the Nanowrimo Musical Group shoot. The shoot that had Manpans freaking out about since September started. But it went GREAT! EVERYONE was great, it was such a fun time. I’m so tired now because I’m constantly pumped about yesterday. And Kelsey made me run and dance and move around a lot.

Check out the NanoMusical’s Facebook wall to see photos! Debbie Ohi put up a ton of pictures and small vid clips too!

Whitless:  It WAS tons of fun.  Everyone worked so hard and everything went far more smoothly than I could have hoped (well…we broke a light…that really sucked…but that was all!).  It helped that we had everything planned down to the second and we had various contingency plans in place.  Now I’m just worrying about my own performance of course :P.  And I can’t get the song out of my head.  I’m excited, guys. 

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