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Comic 442 – “Nano Forums Live!”


Errol: That’s right, Nanowrimo is open for busines. If you don’t know what that is, then… the past few comics may have confused you. Well, there are many reasons why the comic would confuse you, but oh well.

Anyway, check it out! Maybe the musical will make more sense if you’re doing Nanowrimo!

3 Responses to Comic 442 – “Nano Forums Live!”

  1. The funny thing is that I actually did get an excited Errol message that the Nano forums were open.

    I don’t know what it is about forums. They’ve never really held any interest for me. I think it’s the fact that you have there’s no real organization to it and to find any sort of discussion you have to sift through mountains of other messages. I kind of feel like a drop in a sea and it’s a little overwhelming especially when the overly opinionated people get involved :D. So instead I write my novel :D.

  2. I was the first person in my region to post in our section of the forums, but I tend to try and keep to my purpose rather than spam posting like mad…

    It’s where I spent most of my November, actually. It’s probably why I only got 33k words written. xD